Andres Luts

Main man Andres Luts
+372 5689 0626

Andres Luts is the backbone of Breket Amplifiers. He is the creator of the idea, leader of the company.

Joel Jõevee

Second in command Joel Jõevee
+372 5667 6972

Joel is the organiser. As social soul of Breket, he makes ideas come to life. Joel is to blame for many of the Breket designs.

Raido Väinsar

Creative Designer

Raido is the generator of ideas. His art creates atmosphere to the house of Breket. Raido is also to blame for many of the Breket designs.

Arthur Škurko

Head of IT
+372 5346 6860

Arthur is a nice guy. Arthur is responsible for the virtual side of Breket but is not afraid to get his hands dirty when needed.

Priit "Bisquit" Amer

Field Manager

Priit is often not there when needed but bear in mind - he is a late bloomer

Bandiit the technician

Gem hidden in the Basement

Bandiit is the artist who creates the sound of Breket. He wants to work alone in his basement and build amplifiers for us. Some say that he is a genius some say guru, we call him Bandiit. Having about 50 years of experience in that area, it might be true that he solders best tube amplifiers in our universe.

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