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Serko Nieminen


Hi Andres!

I got the amp and i tried it right away.
Guess what?
It sounds great!
Maybe little bit feedback prone, but i can try different tube if i find that bothers me.
I havent made a cabinet to it yet, but i tried it with Harley Benton GA5 amp wich has a 8" 1977 Fender Champ speaker. 
Here is a quick sample.

Oskar Malleus


Püha Jeesus! Milline saund! Suured tänud Breket Amplifiers , et sain kasutada ja proovida teie imelise saundiga võime. Saund nii puhas ja soe, et lausa pisar tuli silma. Kui ennem ei teadnud, mis mul elust veel puudu oli siis nüüd on vastus teada - BREKET!

Holy Jesus! What a sound! Big thanks to Breket Amplifiers for letting me use your wonderfully sounding amplifiers. The sound is so clean and warm it brought a tear in my eye. If I did not know what was missing from my life before, I now know the answer - BREKET!

Daniel Tüscher


Hi Breket Team
First, sorry for the delayed answer. I had a broken water pipe in the band room and my Speaker cabs an a few guitars have been damaged by water. So I have to let them dry for a few days before I was able to test your “BREKET RETRO”
Your amp looks great (also inside) and makes a very stable impression.
I must say that I was very impressed of this little Amp. It is more flexible than it looks with its three buttons. It has a great warm clean tone. It is really interesting to play with gain and volume to overdrive preamp or power amp. So it delivers many variations of crunch sounds. And when I turn up the gain near to the max, those 6H9C tubes have a really fuzzy, thick and unique overdrive sound unlike any other amp I have.
I haven’t used it with pedals because the water damage, but I think it works fine with a boost pedal.
Great work, I am very happy with this amp and looking forward for one more ( the “BASSMON” looks very interesting). But first I have to save some money☺.
Many thanks and best regards 

Daniel Tüscher



Now I had some days to test my second Breket Amp, the BREKET BLACK BOX.
It’s a small, loud amp with a warm clean sound. The eq is very effective, especially the bass knob. It is the first amplifier (except the BREKET RETRO) to which my Tele sounds full and warm. A perfect amp for singlecoils! The amp is still clean even at high volumes, great for my pedalboard. 

So what should I say? I like your amps, keep it up! 

Many thanks again and best regards 

st. Corlett


Awesome! I appreciate how much integrity you showed, and continue to!

It has arrived and I have it at work (where I also live most of the time as its a remote mountain lodge). I've played it a few times at lower volume through a 15" full range loudspeaker built for stereos. So far I am impressed: the sustain is beautiful... The tonal range is wide, I love that the bottom end is huge and tight (LOL!). it's not Murky or muddy. It feels both bright and rich and isn't so midrange driven like oranges are... It has more flavour and complexity reminding me more of my Bassman but with more headroom! I need a chance to really crank it and find its break up points! Oh... The bypass switch is fucking awesome:) I woke some bears up by accident for sure!

I play an all aluminum 'electrical guitar company' guitar with 2 p90's. It is an extremely wide range tonal instrument... I OFTEN have it tuned in an odd manner (right now AACGDD). The amp gives it room..

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